Lyrics to Deadender
Deadender Video:
You're nothing new here
You're just a bleeder who got thrown into this mess
So stop pretending you know anything
Double your fists up
Grit your teeth let anger build up in your chest
They'll spin you around and point out your enemy
Forget to remember everything you were told about what we do
'Cause you know that won't keep you warm when a cold wind rips through
You're a bleeder and we're a couple raindrops in the storm
Falling down so why would we try, it won't dry out
I saw one world die I see a worse one being born
Withdrawn, check the eyes they just stare on
If you're lucky it won't be long before you get there too
There's no backing up
Driving out west never guessed that it'd all end up here
Stare at the sky and watch all of it disappear from me
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