Dead Or Alive Freestyle Lyrics

Oliver Francis

Crown Of Death

Lyrics to Dead Or Alive Freestyle
Lil' bitch
Check, check
40 Margiela, they—
One-two, one-two

40 Margiela, they came out the future
You look like Norbit, yo' bitch a Respusha
Making them threats, but you ain't no shooter
Talk all that shit from yo' mama computer
Turn on the TV it's some Fooly Cooly
My bitch tryna watch but she give me the nookie
You smokin' on reggie, I'm smokin' on cookie
Le Labo my scent, Givenchy my hoodie
This shawty Orihime and I'm Ichigo
She bust it open, lil' shawty a pro
She spin around and she give me the throat
Got my dick in her mouth while I'm smoking this dope
We at the crib and we poppin' a bottle
She on the runway, no catalog model
Got Neo and volleyball, anime titties
Got anime bitches from city to city
Claim that you gangsta you hitting these licks
Only lick that you that you hit when you jacking my drip
Only lick that I hit when I'm checking yo' bitch
I took her to the crib and I bust on her lips
Alpha, Omega lil' bitch I'm the goat
Crown of the dungeon, I'm smoking this dope
I'm getting stronger with every flow
I'ma hit you motherfuckers with the Zanpakutō
Bust on her titties, I'm counting up Benjis
Tatted my Fingers I feel like I'm Renji
I'm runnin' the city, been rockin' Balenci'
I'm sippin' on Goose, I don't sip on no Henny
Bitch, I'm Vegeta, been fucking on Bulma
Plowing that bitch in the back of the Rover
I play the game I don't pass the controller
These ain't Chuck Taylor, these are Rick Owens
Lil' skinny bitch, lil' booty but its still thick
Real big tits in a nice lil' pink dress
Pussy pink, too, just like a sushi roll
Hit it from the back, put my thumb in the booty hole
Out the sticks, yeah, I came out the mud
I sent to war with Namekian blood
I'm with two bitches they licking me up
I got one for my dick, I got one for my nuts
All you lil' rappers are fucking horrendous
Foodless all day, eat a bag full of Xanex
GG and me, we skrrt off in the newest
I don't got no shortage of anime bitches
I'm in this bitch and I'm feelin' myself
Once she have me she don't want no one else
With BB Simon all up on my waist
I done rolled up four Backwoods took two to the face
Me and Jeff Blake, yeah, we kick for the bounty
I hop out the bebop and bitches surround me
Smokin' on OG, this shit getting cloudy
Don't keep no one else but my day ones around me
Dimes with the kush, man, that shit Murakami
Why you lil' rappers so worried about me?
I dive in that pussy, I feel like I'm drowning
Bitch, I'm off an edible, shit got me drowsy
Lightning my necklace i feel like Kakashi
I'm flexing like Broly, can't nobody stop me
She roll up my weed and she give me the sloppy
I'm Luffy been fucking up Robin and Nami
Like, fuck these snake, no Sōsuke Aizen
Smoke some dank with a bad lil' Asian
Suck me up 'til my nuts like raisins
Got a lil' cash but this shit ain't changing