Lyrics to Dead Man's Face
Dead Man's Face Video:
Been alive, been light these years, somebody, please take me there
Need a better way to pass this time, ain't nobody wanna cross the line.
No living if you're dying, boy, trying to do my thing and black that noise
Oh Lord, show ‘em what I'm made of, give ‘em hell and tell ‘em where we came from
From the bottom, my shit, my dollar there, gotta climb, gotta climb, get a higher chair,
Get money and I'll give respect. These niggers are fake, gonna get your back too
I feel like making moves, change sets, you're gonna hate these dudes,
Soak it up and go and hate ‘em, too, that's just what dreamers do.

They wanna take your gun away, but, God forbid, it's killing niggers
Funerals are holydays, celebrating pulling triggers.
Haven't seen the Bible yet, distortions lying to these people
Christmas on the 25th, Jesus coming back, so lay down.

Hold on these getting go, middle east and mistletoes
Kissing death for money, oh! Reject, not giving more.
Caught cowboys run man, one man down, two men dead, three men running,
Children stay, children play on dead man's face.
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