Lyrics to Dead Lock
Dead Lock Video:
Smoke and fire on your lips again
Desire strikes you out and wins
Bang goes your head again locked in chains
Little do you know it's got you bound 'til you go insane

They glorify that feeling in their eyes
They think it's cool but they'll never realize
What a thin disguise

Deadlock, crawling into the dark, they're in a
Deadlock, before they realize they are caught

Hot steel, the pipe's never cold anymore
The more you feel the more you can't let go
Bang goes your body now; cocaine
Harmless though it seems, it starts just like a dream,
But it end



Give me a drink, leave me alone, I don't care what you think
I don't got a problem, no; you've got the problem
Deadlock - you're dead
Deadlock - you better give it up instead
Deadlock, deadlock, deadlock

I'm never going back, never, it doesn't last,
Reality is hitting me
They think they're in control,
But their desire is digging a deeper hole, they're in a Deadlock

I'm talking to you as a friend
And I love you 'til the very end
It's not the way to go, don't follow those who never
Never know
Songwriters: Parris, Ray / Lee, Mike
Publisher: Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing
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