Lyrics to Dead Leaf Echo
Dead Leaf Echo Video:
Tell your secrets to the ground the dampened leaves and broken twigs reveal your presence...
Where she has lain three hundred years where no one hears...
What bade you come what brings you to this place
Where words and deeds gently end where lovers lost might find again

And if you had found her three hundred years before
Laughter on the hillside Dawn's colors in her eyes
Would you tell her your heart? Oh your heart...

If you hover here you'll feel her amidst the dust and silence, in bones and withered leaves
Oh speak your heart to the trees the restless breeze
What bade you search for the love you should have known
In wildflowers overgrown you know her nameless stone

And if you find her three hundred years from now
Laughter on the hillside Dawn's colors in her eyes
Though you have known her a hundred lives or more
Will you take her in your arms and kiss her perfect lips Tell at last...
Oh your heart...

Oh my dear ones Seize the day
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