Lyrics to Dead & Grotesque
Dead & Grotesque Video:
One Candle left to burn now, a mountain left to scale. To prove
my dedication, a final bond to cut.

Birth was the start of a vain search for lies, banalities forced to
endure. I ask you deliverer, can you take this pain, to pay this I
need you undone. Another gift was offered, her life left in my fist
To accept my blessing, bowed her head, disgraced.

Face start to glow as I enter and enslave her. My force starts to
work upon her soul. I am your heir and the legacy your own one
For love you shall visit this dark plane.

Her twitching body's aching, it shakes in fear, the tears are
pouring down. She begs in cries to heaven, my sin was wrong,
can you forgive my actions. No fucking way.

What she disturbed awoke, opened up its eyes. Watching her
decay, bleeding seems to be its ways. Pungent odors now rise,
gore, tremblind in fear. For a piece of mind is a distant memory
By the carnage of her soul, dead, mutilated faith. Demonized in
deep, tunnel, life is now enclosed. Revelations is all gone,
haunt, for the guilty one. Framed within the dark, evil,
exits won't appear.

You have been measured and your sins will condemn you
You gave life, it has to be reversed. Judgment now passes and she
looks at her body. The stench comes from her own rotting flesh.

Demonic environment it's trying to pierce through her soul
All that surrounds her must die, reach for the fire axe. Stab the
shadows cutting the air effect none, there's no escape. Start to
realize she will hit nothing fleeing from the holocaust
Understand it's useless to run.

Solo: Karlsson

As hostage she will serve me, locked forever trapped. A sacrifice
of willing, bought me tremendous might. Stepped out of life into
places of obscured chaotic dimensions abroad. Unspeakable
terror to man its unknown the kind of destruction it holds.

No more strings sustain me, I'll leave for what's beyond. My Dead
soul now waiting, before the gates bizarre
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