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Lyrics to Dead Bang/ Mascara Suicide Girls
Dead Bang/ Mascara Suicide Girls Video:
Gluttony is a hobby, weather weak stomach or spoon feed, smile, fuck and bleed,
We all die to break bread, cheap whores and a hallowed little life style, sit
Tight, cut thumbs, it will be awhile, still bitter biting tongues sports the
Masquerade, we're all broken habits, and he's got me dead bang!

[Verse 1:]
If all of Denver died, I swear to all, I wouldn't really cry, I'd tap my fingers
On the glass, see who's left alive, try to hide the bodies, as I creep across
The ashes, set myself a picnic with a tummy full of matches, still lost try to
Get inside the window, God is on my sleeve telling me, I'll never get home.

[Verse 2:]
I got to touch the corpses, just to see there not sleeping, I never trust
Myself, God smiles, I start weeping, I set my hands a blaze, he puts them out in
The toilet bowl, that's the price of all my sins, the lord has left me zero, I
Ask why not me, and why did you take my earth? still grins, he points to me, and
Says you killed my words, forever lost empty heads, so I took your friends, even
Took the loved ones for the list, it never ends, I say that all depends, my girl
Loves and says your beautiful, he replied, she broke my rules and bent my words,
Just to be with, I said your absolute,
Your to be this worlds Savior, slightly sighs and shakes his head, he says, I
Did this world a favor, you see your all hand made, reeking havoc in my fish
Tank, take my name in vain, blame me, so I can play the bate, I'm sick of all
The crying in my world, I am absolute...

[Verse 3:]
I start to break the glass, climb in and start to look around, I see my family silent,
Bodies tossed lifeless on the ground, I start to dig there holes, such a nice nuclear
Family, drop em off one by one, watch the ground take em happily, I say a want them
Back, and please wash away our sins, God speaks, spreads his arms, point's his
Fingers to my limbs, he says, you really want them back, I'll give you land and everything
You need, the devil's not real, and yet you hide him in your sleep, close your eyes, your
Still weak, love is real don't you think? I say, all I can is everything, and thank you for your
Help, pull yourself from my sleeve, fix the problems that you dealt, he says, the answers
In your hands, just write away there deaths, this is why I saved your skin, when you tried
To burn yourself, I say, I want them all back, still I'll never be a holy man, thank you for
The life, smiles deep, and start to walk again, he says, we're all broken men, simply lost
When put to test, take the pen and start to write, breath the life of ant-death, now I find we
Never met, sit soft my eyes open, drag the ink across the page, try to fix all that's broken,
He says, nows the time to pray, and please remember what I say, because we're all broken
Habits, and I got you dead bang...
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