Lyrics to Days Like These
Days Like These Video:
Somewhere back in time I was told by a friend of mine That I would meet someone like you Someday Well I always hoped it was true And I never stopped believing You'd come along as you did In just the perfect way CHORUS: Days like these I believe The world's such a fine place to be After all here we are In love just you and me Let me take this time To thank you for Days like these You know there is no pot of gold At the end of our rainbow There's only love Simply love It's all that we can share For when we're old and gray And we look back on the days gone by We'll see the love that we shared Is the love we have today (Repeat Chorus) hey, yeah, yeah I want to thank you baby Now I can't believe This is happening to me I look in your eyes And it's love I see And it's more than I thought love could be (Repeat Chorus) Days, Like these....

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