Daylight Has Caught Me Lyrics

Harry Nilsson

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Lyrics to Daylight Has Caught Me
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Daylight has caught me,
Can't go nowhere
If it wasn't for the daytime
There'd be nothing to fear

If it wasn't for the daylight
They say there wouldn't be no light at all
But if it wasn't for the night life,
I wouldn't be here at all

I wouldn't be here at all
Daylight has caught me
Can't run away
Daylight has caught me

Looks like another day
I'm waitin' for the moonshine,
Come moon shine on me
Looks like daylight has caught me,

Daylight has caught me
Well, I'm a friend of daylight
Daylight's no friends with me
Moonlight's an old friend of mine

Keeps me drinking
Keeps me up all the time
Keeps me down by the river side
Countin' stars, lookin' for some moonshine

Moonshine is all I need
Daylight comes sneakin' up on me
Moonlight is all I want
Daylight is all I can't stand

Daylight has caught me once again
Again, again, again, again
Looks like that daylight's
Caught up with me as fast as it could

Looks like that daylight
Won't let another day go by
Well if I had some darkness 'round me
I could really see

But as it happens,
Daylight has caught up on me
So I say
Damn damn the daylight

It's gone and caught me for another day
Damn damn the daylight
It does it every day
It does it anyway

It wants to
No matter how I fight it
Why, I could put out the candles
At night time

But god's gonna light 'em
In the morning
Daylight's found me once again
Daylight is chasin' me all over the world

I'd like to jump on some airplane
Just to get away from it all
Daylight is after me,
I don't like to see it smile

That's why I pray for night time
And darkness
Just for a while
If I could sleep in the mornin'

And I could play at night
If I could have the evening
I wouldn't need the daylight
Damn, damn the daylight

It's gone and caught me for
Another day
Damn damn the daylight
It does it every day

Let it rain on Monday
I'd be happy as a king
But here comes the sun-king
Every morning
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