Lyrics to Daydream
Daydream Video:
Daydream Vers 1: I close my eyes And a sweet fantasy comes over me I dreamed that you come to me We stand in an empty room With your lips you kiss my belly It's carry me high.. Oh oh yeah Oh oh yeah Chorus: It's so real in my daydream Yeah oh yeah So real so real In my daydream My Daydream Oh I feel you so real in my daydream Vers 2: Boy come to me Come to me You've blow my mind (my mind) Oh yeah oh yeah.... Come and love me It's so real so real in my daydream I feel you so real so real (so real) In my daydream (my daydream...) But it's just a sweet fantasy Oh in my daydream In my daydream..... It's just a sweet daydream

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