Lyrics to Day of the Battler
Day of the Battler Video:
I have a Vatican all of my own
I'm ruler of one, I'm ruler of one
And I am forever condemned to its throne
I'm nobody's son, I'm nobody's son

Life is a fable I've never belieed in
I've buried it all, I've buried it all
Well, I've never had anything worth believing in
I'm King of the Brawl, I'm King of the Brawl

Hand me the day of the battler
Throw me the iron gloves
Write me the rest of my life
With the stars up above

You're not in peril of passing in my mind
You've nothing to show, you've nothing to show
And since I am fully and rightflly justified
I'll grant you to know, I'll grant you to know

Heed this heavy load
I've been here before, I've been here before
And I think I'm finally ready to go
I'll go it alone, I'll go it alone
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