Lyrics to Day 3
Day 3 Video:
[CJ Fly]
Yeah my dogs, they rollin' always with me
And you know my homies got a ? to ? with me
Sittin' in the motherfucking passenger seat
Safe up in the whip
I tell her let me cum and rub her clit
She said she want me suckin' her tits
I told her come and lick this dick
Play me, what you tryin' to do
Yeah, you know I'll ge that crew
Savemoney, Pro Era
Yeah you know, this how we do
And I always stack my paper up
Bitches said they want a cup of that gin and juice
You know I'm just tryin' to do whatever you do
Every time I'm chillin' with the newest niggas ?
And you know I spit that sick shit like I got the flu-u

And I keep it true, true
Can I keep it true, true
Chillin' with a bad bitch
Hopin' that she ? villain
All up in my crib
And I'm rollin', now she chillin', chillin'
? and then I know that she wit' it, wit' it
She said send me, gimme, gimme dick and you can get it
And she 'bout to give it, give it
Yeah, she fuckin' love it, love it
I don't really give a fuck
Fuckin' hoes in public, public
Now I change the subject
Now I change the subject
? until I kick the bucket

[Tokyo Shawn]
And I'mma get gab, so you know I ?
I'll be cuttin' in the line, but you know I'm budget
I'll be gettin' cash and you know that I be thuggin'
Rappin' with my cousin
Niggas know they love it

[Joey Purp]
Bitches give me temptation
Come and gave it rough
All this talkin' clothes
My ?, they gotta rough it
Niggas got a chip on they shoulder get it ?
? got a Louis bag, and a wallet and a duffell
Niggas talking crazy I be talking ?
Got these bitches by me got these bitches call me baby
Niggas call me purp
Bitches call me purp (x3)

[Chance the Rapper]
I wrote this shit two minutes from now
And the benefits now
You know what I'm saying? I'm handling business now
This shit rhymes in my head
I be ripping off the dimes with a thread
And a needle while I sew it up
I'm so cold enough to get frozen up
In a bowl of soup that's a bowl enough
Never had a ball of Iris, I like Miley Cyrus
And black bitches that talk like they white white kids
I only like white kids
I just let 'em shoot video though
And all the time I be silly with hoes
And you know I be switching up the ?
Silly with bros from my high school
Been doing shit you know how I do
Had to do it the same, don't like you
In the back of a muthafucking barbecue
That shit crazy though, that shit crazy though
We been rapping and shit since we was babies though
? crazy though

[Vic Mensa]
You never did it before
Shawty throw it at me and she got that cinnamon roll
You on some new shit, illiterate though
These niggas is illegitimate though
You got no father, you could be a bastard
Baby you the one I'm coming after
Rap faster, really quick, get a laughter
Nigga this ain't written, know that I be gassin'
Gassin' like petrol' and Exelon
I'm upper like echelon
Proper to downer, when I'm up in an hour
I've been smoking too much green thick for an hour
Pass out when I pass out, cash out
Like I'm cashing out, I'm passing out
I've been bad and now... Abandon out
Let me get a band it out for Brandon now
And niggas be talking until the bands come out
But then "BLAM"s come out and "BAM"s come out
And they be sleeping, laying in the grave when they tweaking
Talking off they neck, you know that they be creeping

[Rapper 1]
Bitches try to come and get my fucking dough
I've always been a pro
I got so many hoes
I got them on my line man and they always call my phone
I'm like baby girl I'm at the telly I ain't home
So don't try to call my mom like "Where's Cy at?"
I always got to come through with the newest fly hat
My hair real braided
Your bitch says she want to come and get real faded
So we drinking on the thick shit

[Rapper 2]
Faded, Back in high school they tried to flame me
From the fifth graded
But I stay graded cause I'm smoking on the home grown
Remember when bitches used to be blowing up my home phone
That was back in the day, my moms would answer
But these days, got on the raps, I'm sicker than cancer
I'm the answer like Iverson when I'm coming through ?
I'm the livest one like, I live strong but they lying son like

[Rapper 3]
I'm the problem like McGrady
If it wasn't for my ? this shit would've been gravy
That was metaphorical, keep it mesophysical
I lost my voice up in your bitch I'm Malcolm in the Middle fool
Niggas couldn't see with me I'm never seeing syllables
Niggas got residuals but thats just off of principle
In general, niggas know ...uh

[Rapper 4]
? Cocaine, I could make it snow rain
I could take the dope game, 8 minutes? Whole thing
Yup I flipped the shit right, yall niggas came back
Motherfuckers kick dice
Motherfuckers kick this shit, kick it like you kick vice
Motherfuckers don't do it twice
I keep this realest off the top with ?
Motherfuckers need to pass it

[Rapper 3]
Good bro, Rogaine, ? Pro pain
Thats good fire, propane
Niggas talking about hot freeze
I be talking 'bout low mane
I be out in Tokyo, chilling with hoes from Tokyo
With my nigga Tokyo, this freestyle, that noise bro
Same money that ?
There Heroine, I know its dope
That crack rock, that's no insult
Let that nigga know it though
No, No it don't
They call me ?
You smoking on the Joey Purp you know my nigga Joey doe
Spit that fire, spit that fire, niggas yelling ?
At the same year, my niggas was hella shouting
Smoking on some shit that was grown in the Rocky Mounties
I be off the top nigga spouting
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