Darth Vader Vs Adolf Hitler Lyrics

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Lyrics to Darth Vader Vs Adolf Hitler
Darth Vader Vs Adolf Hitler Video:
I am adolf hitler, commander of the third reich
little known fact: also dope on the mic
you are vader, with your little boots and cape
and a helmet to cover up that burnt-ass face
you have the force to move objects,
i am a force truly evil
even went back in time
and turned you whack in the prequel
cause look at you, you´re not even a real person
i preferred you in spaceballs, the rick moranis version

You can´t rhyme agains the dark side of the force
why even bother?
So may dudes been with your mom
who even knows if I´m your father?
you´re a pissed off little prick,
with a napoleon dick,
you call that a mustache?
I call that dirty sanchez on your lip
you bitch, let me remind you who you´re messing with
everything that you did, i´m the motherfucker who invented it
i´m the original dark lord you´re like the sorcerer´s apprentice
my stormtroopers make yours look like someone
took a piece of shit and cloned it.

You stink vader, your style smells something sour
you need to wash up, dawg here, step in my shower.
i´ll turn all your friends against you
just my speeches breed haters
what´s your lightsaber vs a clan of all your white neighbors

suck my robot balls, now take a step back
and let me freeze yours off.
a little carbonite bath, for your goose stepping ass.
we´ll call my homeboy in israel, see who got the last laugh
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