Lyrics to Darling Boy
Darling Boy Video:
Underwater, don't forget to hold your breath
On the count of three, or you'll be dead

The man in the uniform gave us a break
So hurry along baby, let's take take take take take
Just try and relate, hey don't try and relate

Doesn't matter what I do
Doesn't matter what I say
Now you'll always think of me
You will always think of me that way

Doesn't matter who I am
Doesn't matter who I'll soon be
You will never be the one
Reaching out for me

In a towel on the couch, where the hell are my clothes?
In a house full of lovers, and I've never felt so alone
Give me your thoughts and I'll give you mine

You're a star darling boy, so don't forget to shine shine shine shine shine
I want all of your time, do you want any of mine?

You gave me your steady arm, you gave me your ignorant charm
Left me here in this downtown place, and I ended up somewhere in between
I gave you a different state of mind

Twelve hours of truth for twelve hours you'll be blind
You're a star, darling boy
So don't forget to shine shine shine shine shine

You shine, you shine, you shine, you shine
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