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The Wrens

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Lyrics to Darlin Darlin
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where am I going to get some sleep
where am I going to get some sleep this time
light a candle, light a cigarette
I bet the world is on fire
I don't know... I know it's much too late
I've been here seven hundred times
and I' m well aware that I'm not likely to regret leaving them behind like this
they came from underneath my bed
they stood around me and said "lay back we're going for a ride"
I said the knot was way too tight
take the chair my spine can't wail all night
pin my eyes I'm going to get some sleep
my faith has been retired
clean my suit I have to look just right
I've got one nail left in me yet
It's sketchy stop screaming
I think I am dying, collapsing, kids barking "you're so jealous"
will the girls still like me nine days from now
they will paint my face and fix my hair like LEE
God how I'm the envy of them all
blame Seattle, blame the fake toupee
It's all about to tremble so change direction
I'm headed out to see this time
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