Lyrics to Darkside
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Dreamlands of danger
Darkside pleasures
Bad behavior
Dreamlands of danger
Darkside pleasures
At their best(X2)

Punk rock, shell toes
Horns and halos
Wicked whit wings
And pointed tails
Devil's eyes and nine inch nails
Nocturnal reneagaes
The enternal drug raid
I go by the name of Mr. Shifty Switchblade
Getting paid in the shade
As lyrics ricochet,
Of the walls
From the celling to the floor
Off the door
And down the hall
I'm evil like knievel
Kicking white trash
Psycho cerebral, palsy ballsy
Bad ass
Dress in black
From the wrong side of the tracks
Crazy Town
Yo. we strike like deep impact

Why can't you see?
I cannot feel till you bring
Me down
Dream lands of danger
Darkside pleaures
Bad behaviour
Dreamlandas of danger
Darkside Pleasures
At their best

My subconscience lanches me
Into evil territory
I'm surrounded by voyeures
And crack smoking lawyers
No shame, Burnt lips
Tripping on acid rain
Legally insane deranged,
Some people, never change


Nasty na na , ha, ha
Darkside marijuana
Fueled of the drama
Drifting on the darkside
I'm the black eye bomber
Do what I do on a darkside
Rasing hell, out the shell
Of fantasies I never tell
Dispersin' untamed perversion
My bad Brain's working
Circle jerking, rocking riddles,
Sex pistol, sexperts
Acting uncivil


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