Lyrics to Darkness
Darkness Video:
No one will see the light again
I 'm afraid that I will meet my end
Darkness is all around me
I run in the night
I'm feeling so frightened
And leaving the hope of life
When will I back
For a moment in light

No more
I cannot waste my life
I must find the way
This darkness to survive
This squalid world is guilty
And flooded by the night
I cannot comprehend it
Why have we chosen this way
But now we have to walk it blind

Sooner or later I will find the answer
Why is this world the sink of vice
God help me and make me strong
It's beyond me, I wish I could guess the reason

A million miles walking and
Leaving behind
A million years waiting to see again the sun
Everytime I'm praying, hope
Somebody can hear me
This neverending darkness is
Desperate for me
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