Lyrics to Darkened Descendants
Darkened Descendants Video:
As the night arrives we come forth
we the nocturnal uncanny ones
watch us, hear us, feel us, fear us
fear us as the obscure creatures we are
a raven brakes the sky, as the hordes
of the unholy ones storms over the landscape
blackened warriors filled with hatred
storming over the frozen landscape

For centuries we have yearned
for the infinite darkness to arrive
yearning for the eternal shadow
yearning for the day when we shall rule
with pride in our hearts we shall welcome
the day of the total eclipse
when the world of light shall perish
and from its ashes a land of darkness arise

A land of unpure, immortal darkness
ruled by the unholy one wearing a black cloak
my servants no light they'll ever see
but in darkness embraced in for eternity
and this darkened land of mine
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