Lyrics to Dark & Stormy
Dark & Stormy Video:
Dark and Stormy walk along
the straight and narrow path
meeting many nights along the way

when the wind starts to blow
they know that it's their time
yesterday is gone but not today

when they see the end is coming
thunder comes a bumping
as dark and stormy walk along the sky

clouds in the sky
can see the mountains high
say hello then soon wave goodbye

the ocean turning dark again
waves getting sharp and then
out of the blue arrives the storm

ravaging the villages
pillaging the houses
destroying the cities
drowning the people
shocking the towers,
you know dark and stormy are here

listen to the mercy cries
children all on sugar highs
the very lowest kind of high

mothers in their book clubs
reverse disguised as crook hubs
read about how little that they know

but when stormy comes out for them all
and dark overtakes their dining halls
they'll know they've made a big mistake.
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