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Lyrics to Dark Sol Cold
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I was walking along somewhere that gold cyclic road at the heart of a seedless star
My defects made me wonder what would happen if it all cooled down
Put my devils of dreams, lies, and other prisons in the freezer and reheat 'em in three easy steps
There is no such thing as FTL travel, but hypocrisy makes everything possible
It's too simple

So I broke out of the womb, and now I'm cold

Yeah I'm cold
Automatically old

There's a light at the end of dark tunnels and I know we like shiny things but you gotta avoid them
Far I go I still orbit stuck in Sol's G I need some heat for my dreams before sleep reassembles
Lesioned eye saw my light reflected in mirrors in every step to my own lies a reflected past
The clone-lady's fruit was my first comfy coffin firewater 'round the shrinkwrapped placenta
Shrinkwrap placenta

So I broke out of that womb, and now I'm cold

There are other stars to visit
you can even build your own
but they're all
the same
You still need them
You can
You can look for a dark side of the sun
Or would you dare eclipse my planet's fun
It's all the same
At least I tried, you'll say

I've left the ranks of the living dead, now I can't live knowing I am dead like Dark Sol Cold
the dark's so cold
But still I try to cut my twin siphons of lives' lies and break the cycle
Break the cycle break the cycle

So I fell out of the womb and
Something happens between the tombs so
I crawl back to the womb and now I'm cold
Now I'm cold
Now I'm cold
So I've been told
I'm cold

(Thanks to Johnny Mac for these lyrics)
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