Dark Mana Freestyle Lyrics


Destroy All Monsters!

Lyrics to Dark Mana Freestyle
Used to have to worry 'bout a bitch
I cut that bitch off, now I count up check
Put me in, coach, I'm gon' shoot, Ron Artest
No I don't wanna hitcho blunt I know it's mid
So much jewelry on me, I'm feelin' like I'm a prisoner
Used to be in love with two bitches, and I walked in on them scissorin'
Too many snakes around me, think that my house is Slytherin
I found a bad bitch and I turned her to Kate Middleton
They mad at me cuz I'm goin' viral every album
This is real ice baby, I can wear it in the shower
If you asking 'bout my time, it's about 5k an hour
I connect with plug, just like WiFi and router
They say ITSOKTOCRY, I think he a bitch
Yeah, you just broke as shit
Whip whip whip whip whip whip
Think I just broke my wrist (oh)
I just ran up a check (muah)
Blow my opps a kiss

I sincerely think they mad at me cuz I run up a check and they can't get like me
I sincerely think they mad at me cuz I run up a check and they can't get like me
(Get like me!)
Left wrist, right wrist, same thing
Yeah they both on tilt, so if I spin, it's hurricane
Genius gon' hit me up cuz they ain't know what I was sayin'
If you can't understand me, then you ain't' slime, a slime knight can

I said I'm like Lugia, I'm shiny
Every label wanna sign me, hoe
Hope my shit is grimy, super rare, you'll never find me
Friends switched up on me, man that shit's sad
I can't deal with drama, I get bands
And they just pissed cuz I'm winnin'
She wanna fly me out so I can make a Tik Tok wit' her (y'know huh)
Your shit's all fibbing
Your girl just pulled her titties out and now the kid's all giddy
No deathnotes, no I don't need to fight
93 and shinigami, those my brothers for life (y'know)
Cut you off like Buster Sword, your boyfriend is a fucking dork
Diamonds minin', bustin' Robitussin
Man this drop is raw
Huh, in A&R when I drop the top
You gon' like my shit just like the post your girlfriend comment on
I just made like $20,000 just to hit the woah
Coca-Cola, Rover, Motorola, just don't hit my phone
I won't fuck you over, but it's over once you fuck it up
A&R just sent me your album and that shit was cunk, bitch