Lyrics to Dark Embrace
Dark Embrace Video:
Midnight wrap me within your dark embrace.
Let the light of the moon comfort me.
Deep within silence, i'm at ease in a grave yard.
Nothing but the dead within the earth.

I light a candle to light my way.
Put red roses on my loved ones grave.
A sent of incense in the air,
letting them know that I care.

I walk the beaten paths,
in my deep thoughts.
I wonder if they are there,
right beside me as I walk this night?
Wind blows a creepy tune,
Sending chills up my spine.
In the blackest of clothes,
as if i'm in mourning.

If you look within you'll see a beating heart.
If you ask why i'm always blackend,
I'll say this is me, who I am.
I dwell within the dark to hide from you all.

I cry deep inside for those who are now gone.
I keep those people in my memory.
I gain more than my true idenity,
but this is a part of me and my personality.

I see a figure, his arms reach for me.
Across the veil of night.
Pulling me tight against him
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