Lyrics to Dark Days
Dark Days Video:
Learning to breathe again
For the first time
In so long now

Learning to see again
Through my pride

Learning to speak again
From my heart

Learning to be a friend
For the first time
For the first time
In so long

For so long (x7)

Feel like I'm losing time
When I worry
'cos yesterday won't change

Starting to free my mind
From the shadow of doubt
That keeps me in darkness

Testing the air outside
my chamber
Into the danger

Pushing my limits high
To the red line and over

And why have I waited
So long

For so long (x6)


Why have I waited?
Why have I waited, yeah

Well it's hard to be happy
In a world that's so cruel
Where the weak just get weaker
Where the powerful feud
Where the children go hungry
While the soldiers stand by
Lay down your weapons
Take hold of your lives
And when will we learn
That it's hate that breeds hate
Only love is the cure
Don't leave it too late
Get up, and feel it
The truth that won't wait
If we choose to do nothing
Then we take all the blame
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