Lyrics to Dark Angel
Dark Angel Video:
[lyrics by Birgit Lages]

and yes, we are mortal
now that we've left Eden.
the raven's calling for my soul.
come, dark angel, strengthen me.

ablaze my rage, come, dark angel,
tear open my wounds, let me bleed.
keep me free of indifference,
drink my sorrows, gorge my grief.

help me to shine in godlike anger,
help me never to forget,
let me hate and let me live,
let me remember that we've met

and that you've cast your spell on me.
far off lies the universe,
sunk in ashes, mud and tears,
far off lies reality.

and yes, we are vulnerable,
vulnerable and earth tied.
but it doesn't matter any more.
come, dark angel, be my guide.

before I slip into the damnation
of obedience and apathy
in a cloud of dust and blood
come, dark anger, rescue me.
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