Lyrics to Danger In The Jungle
Danger In The Jungle Video:
"... There's discipline that we need in the jungle. Then there are dangers in this jungle. There are many types of strange animals in this jungle. This jungle is full of dope addicts, hustlers and hippies, harlots and hoodlums, pimps and punks, [?] and crooks, clowns, freaks and phonies, [?] and killers, conmen and lewd and shrewd. And every conceivable brand of animal is in this jungle. This is a dangerous jungle. And in this jungle, anybody can get hurt. In this jungle there's no regard for one's character or for one's devotion and compassion. In this jungle there's always danger and better you live the more dangerous it is. That's way this jungle can kill and this jungle has assassinated several people in this generation in very few years, some four or five years. We've assassinated a Medger Evers, and a Malcolm X, two Kennedys and King..."

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