Dancing The Animal (Mind) Lyrics

Esperanza Spalding

12 Little Spells

Lyrics to Dancing The Animal (Mind)
I'm at the house of worship
Rife with pride, rife with doctrine
Rife with sin, now my laptop or device
Is where I shop for wisdom
At my very fingertips so much more than some holy man
Could ever hope to comprehend
So maybe now the holy spirit is
Simply a mighty network
Anchored in accumulated knowledge
Now encompassing the globe
Zeros and ones no one can touch
You must behold

So, have you prayed to your phone today?
Atoning for all ignorance we bow our busy heads to
Seek immortal wisdom from the clouds
Rollin' down the social mountain to the tablet in each hand
Eight billion new commandments
At my command - and some I post too
Google humanity but while you do

Guard the animal in you
God's the animal in you (in you)
No pride, no greed, no sin (in you)
Guard the animal in you, in you, in-
Guard the animal, God's the animal in you

But when you ask the web anything
It's always there for you
Though the answers may not be true
Searching an engine for the ghost of truth

While the animal in you
Guards the tangible in you (in you)
Your heart, your guts, your skin (in you)
Guard the tangible in you, in you, in-
Guard the animal
Guard the tangible

Amazing grace, I miss you badly
I had the search the meaning (of the word)
So little of it sadly
With all this forward leaning (grace)
If it's in me
What good is all this reading (of the word)
Open attachments eating
Into my time for living (grace)
If there is a god out there (of the word)
Once you've ended famine and warfare (grace)
If you would just make these endless emails disappear (of the word)
Oh, and show us how to fix the climate while you're here

Your search for help did not match any documents
Suggestions make sure all words are spelled correctly
Try different keywords, try more general keywords
Try fewer keywords, maybe try using real words
Try using your words, ask another humanoid
Try asking the one you are trying to avoid

Accumulated knowledge now encompassing the globe
Zeroes and ones no one can touch
You must behold
To understand (the burden of evolving man)
But, may you not become a stranger to

God the animal in you
God the tangible in you (in you)
No service, page, or pin (in you)
The program you came in with
Guard the animal
Guard the tangible
God's the animal
God's the tangible
In you, in you, in you