Dancing Nylon Shirt (Part 1 & 2) Lyrics

Ian Gillan

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Lyrics to Dancing Nylon Shirt (Part 1 & 2)
Dancing Nylon Shirt (Part 1 & 2) Video:
A Dancing Nylon Shirt (Part one)I know it won't be easyI've got to get you out of my mindI don't want this way of livingThe blind are leading the blindPicking it up putting it downI'm getting tired, too many shades of brownIf a life's worth living, it's worth living goodI'm gonna live it just the way I think I shouldOh drink a bottle of wineBe a friend of mineWhen the spirit releases the anger decreasesAnd primitive races can capture their placesAnd serve at the table and study the facesOf the pillars of Universal wisdomI got that body feverYou put temptation right in my faceMy spirit's rising butThey want me back in my placeYou gotta buy it, you gotta try itCan't do without it and it will not be denied(Are you saying there's nothing here for me?)You want a god, you want a guideCome here boy; gonna take you for a rideOh drink a bottle of wineOld friend of mineWhen the madness descends on the planetThat's governed by money and hungerAnd hate and disasterMisunderstanding that goes hand in handWith our glistening prophets of doomA Dancing Nylon Shirt (Part two)A hat shaped headA shoe shaped footA kennel shaped dogA dancing nylon shirtA man shaped womanB alloon shaped airG lass shaped beerA dancing nylon shirtA comfort shaped creatureA n office shaped accountantA car shaped driverA dancing nylon shirtC ow shaped milkA pencil shaped wordA denim shaped designerA dancing nylon shirtA tartan shaped approachA dancing nylon shirtA dancing nylon shirtA dancing nylon shirtI've got to make up my mindI've got to make up my mindA power shaped napA car shaped fannyA god shaped preacherA dancing nylon shirtA n honest politicianA rock shaped bandA bell shaped tentA dancing nylon shirtA month shaped headA well shaped catA dong shaped bellA dancing nylon shirtA sharp edged cardA bottle shaped messageA tongue shaped kissA dancing nylon shirtA girl shaped dressA dancing nylon shirtA dancing nylon shirtA dancing nylon shirtA dancing nylon shirtA dancing nylon shirtThe fire of life is burningBurning through the light in my eyeUse imaginationYou can tell if it's a joke or a lie Ooh reach for a bottle of wineThat good old friend of mineWhen the seeds of our childrenAre blown in the wind and they land in the sandWhere they wither and dieAnd we reach for the skyAnd the desperate truthThat we never could graspBecomes clear

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