Lyrics to Dancing Days
Dancing Days Video:
February never came.
The look in your eyes,
So pacified, it's all the same.
Heavier with the water on our backs.

I remember when the window held our shapes
Empty nights we made into our dancing days.
Well, careful love, your head has had enough.
Hands were built to hold you up, not to corrupt.

And once the sun was growing on a string.
You cut it down and gave it back to me.
Well, easy now, the fire's wearing feet.
Hearts were made to render love, not to defeat.

But I was holding onto something more.
Fastened to a piece already worn.
Beauty came with ribbons for my eyes
Luring no matter how I tried.

And all the world waits on a single ending
Promised of something maybe lasting eventually.
But it's hard to fall for a trap made to catch a lion.
I couldn't see that I was a disaster.
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