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Lyrics to Dance Upon A Time
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Emotions rise,

They begin to wander around in this chamber of darkness

See them dance upon a time

With the rhythm of my mouth I chase them into the light

Watch them going up in flames


Tormenting is my unwanted blessing

So get out of my way or I'll chase you down

Start being afraid

I cannot separate right from wrong

The terrible sound they produce is like music to my ears

The energy in my body is reaching its climax again

My head is aching; remove those sharpest needles from my brains

I cannot control them, see them

Yet, I don't dislike it


Whisper in my ear so I can freeze deeply inside

Will I melt?

(Will I melt now, and if I do

I will pay my dues to you)

Pour some gasoline all over me

Light the fire; see what the flames will do to me

You'd better run, now is the time
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