Lyrics to Dance
Dance Video:
Listen, all the kids say "Oh the People"...

Oh, the people stand and praise Him
Oh, the people clap their hands
Oh, the people keep rejoicing
Let the people dance

The people come into the temple
With a mind of praise
Knowing indeed this is the day
The Lord has made
If the joy of the Lord is in your heart
Hear me when I say
You must get out of your seat
Give my God some praise

[Chorus 2:]
We were made to lift our voices
We were made to lift our hands
We were made to give Him glory
We were made to dance

He supplies the needs
Of all of those who hear my voice
That's why I encourage you to
Make a joyful noise
Many of us know we're here
Because He gave us another chance
That's why you need to sacrifice
And offer Him a dance

[Chorus 1]

Oh, dance
Oh, dance

[Chorus 3]

Ohh ohh ohh
Ohh ohh ohh
Ohh ohh ohh

He's worthy
Give Him the glory
Come on and join me

The Lord is worthy
To be praised
Come on and join me

Let the people dance
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