DamnedIfIDid,DamnedIfIDidnt Lyrics

Xavier Wulf


Lyrics to DamnedIfIDid,DamnedIfIDidnt
Coping with the disasteral existence
All because you was my addiction
I was trying my best to build resistance
So I suggest you try and keep your distance

So keep your distance, I won't repent this
I'm doing better than whoever thought I ever did
I think the same, as if I've conquered all the foolishness
You on some stupid, I pull up and reduce a bitch
I don't be talking shit, I talk, my words immaculate
Where did the time when I'm walking with my ice bitch

You know something I don't know
Darling, please just tell me
I promise I won't overreact, even though you know I'm known for that

I really feel like you're dying
Every single time I see you crying
And what's the benefit of trying?
If every time I make a move, you think I'm lying

Don't cry for me, don't lie to me
I know you're doing well
Don't cry for me, don't lie to me
You said you'd never tell my secrets

What would you do?
What would I do?
What would they do?
If only they knew
I don't think that I could ever really hate you
I'd even wait too
I don't debate you

What's the point of living with no regrets?
If you find yourself still dwelling
On the promises you made yesterday
I see no sense in yelling
You were right
And I was wrong
I highly doubt
You see the truth in that