Daily Duppy Black Edition Lyrics


Be Right Back

Lyrics to Daily Duppy Black Edition
Big boy Skrapz, the one and only
Check me out

Last year was a mad ting, I can't lie
I thanked God, he bought me some time money can't buy
I'm just grateful that I'm blessed, I don't ask why
I took a L over spilt milk so I can't cry
Niggas want beef, there ain't a steak that I can't fry
You could be sirloin, T-bone, rib-eye
Forgot to ask you how you want it done, did I?
I make the heat rise up, all you hear is slid eye
Niggas keep praying on my downfall
Like they don't know the fire keeps burning like a candle
Niggas tryna take me off my feet so I've gotta stay strapped
More time, got me feelin' like a sandal
I still ain't faced one problem I couldn't handle
There's times when I coulda got nicked and took the gamble
Imagine me, Jazzy, Streetz and YD never got released
I can't lie fam, it would've been a shambles
Cartier frames with the kettle and the bangle
Take a picture, give a fuck about the angle
Put my Cuban links 'round my neck and let them dangle
The ting's mad heavy and it tangles
They're tellin' me I owe a explanation to my fan base
Tell 'em that I hustle for the future and my family
The way the game's friendly got a nigga moving anti
They like the way I rap, it doesn't mean they understand me
I'm still runnin' with plan A, I didn't plan a plan B
I'm tryna stay as rich and as healthy as I can be
Or should I say, I should be
I hear them talking wicked on the net, I'm like "They would be"
I just leave the internet business to the pussies
I hustle 'til I'm cushty
Been smoking on Gelato forty-one, this isn't Cookies
Been doing this for long, don't compare me to these rookies
To get to where I am, you know how fucking long it took me?
I do this for the people that didn't want me to make it
I had a opportunity to sign, I didn't take it
They must have been mistaken when they made their calculations
I just told them "Thank you for your time, it's been amazing"
If they ever knew what I accumulated daily
They probably woulda re-evaluated the figure they tried to pay me
Like I don't know my worth, are they crazy?
Now I've got my own company and record label like Jay-Z
The game's fucked up now, snitches gettin' glorified
The other day I told Nines "I'm absolutely mortified"
He just shook his head twice and said "It's sad times"
Fake niggas act real, there's a blurred line
About to drop Skrapz Is Back for the third time
Now I'm older and more mature like some fine wine
Put your Rollies in the sky 'cause it's my time
There's probably due to be a increase in gun crime
I could keep goin' but I won't though
My album's nearly finished, this is just a little promo
And if you post this on your 'gram, use this caption
"Skrapz Is Back 3, real niggas back in fashion"