Dahcy Goes Bowling Lyrics

Dahcy Boike

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Lyrics to Dahcy Goes Bowling
My name is Dahcy Boike
And I'm going to work
At the Pie In The Sky
And I'm gonna get high on your fucking weed
Before I hit the bowling alley
With the girls and Gloria
Everybody here is gonna motherfucking hit the floor
Because I'm Dahcy Boike
Because I'm Dahcy Boike
And I'm gonna make it work at the fucking place
Gonna make it work put you in your place
(You're the antichrist)
I really don't care I'm Dahcy Boike

I am Dahcy I'm from Boston
I'm doing shit that you fucking wish you were
And that doesn't rhyme but I'm fucking Dahcy
I don't care, give me your car keys
I'm gonna steal your weed
Gonna steal your weed
I'm Dahcy fucking Boike and I'm gonna steal your weed
Dahcy fucking Boike
Dahcy fucking Boike
Dahcy fucking Boike
Dahcy fucking Boike
(Inaudible screaming)
I'm Dahcy fucking Boike

Tony the Walrus:

I'm going to make this work if I fucking die
Trying to smoke your weed
Bitch you stole my weed
And I'm not happy about that shit
I'm gonna punch you in the fucking clit

I'm really angry, Dahcy
I really hope you're listening, because I'm coming for you
You and me, August 29th at the Madison Square Garden
We're gonna fucking...ooh you better fucking have your fucking guard up!
Because I'm gonna punch you in the face
On pay per view in your place
Everybody's gonna fucking see
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