Lyrics to Daddy
Daddy Video:
Hey, what's the matter?
Are your dreams all gone?
Well, you know:
The well was dry.

Lazy, lonesome monster
Will your dreams meet you
Where you lie?
You'll wait all night.

Go and tell your daddy
That your dreams fell through.
Poor you.
The dream must die.

Don't move. Don't breath.
It's you. You're safe.
Two by two they pass you by.
Two by two they pass you by.

Hey, who's your daddy?
Had you dreams fallen out?
Cost of coin:
An idle mind.

Don't move. Don't speak.
I've got you in a bind.
I've got you in our mind.
Two by two walk the line.
Two by two and that's my time.
Two by two (Two by two).

Boy, you're mine.

(Thanks to Tim Porter for these lyrics)
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