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Lyrics to Da Unbeatables Ft. Valezka
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It?s Valezka, Raptile, This shit here is real live, Da Put ur hands up in da sky? We don?t care what u say, Unbeatables Undastand, we don?t play, We da realest in da game? Ey, yo, it?z rappy, over jimmy ledrac beatz, Valezka Straight up in ya face like pimples and acne, Haters quit the race, we sprintin like athletes, (WowWowWowWow) (4) This shit is, for y?all predicted my time is endin?, I?m still signed, still rhymin? English, Still so real when I drop the verse, And I still shout it out, FUCK DA WORLD, (8) And now everybody so mad at me, Lyric Cause I said, german rap is on low battery, I told everybody emphatically, MONSTABLOKAZ, we ain?t never scared, (12) Brother want peace, then its peace, Y?all motherfuckers want beef then its beef, U wanna take it to the stage or the streets, Alle We?ll murder u, murder u? (16) Get It right yo, it?z da maestro, Raptile Unbeatables, let the mics glow, Expect a nice flow, and boomin beats, Da I?m right here, boy, what could u do to me, (4) Unbeatables Nuthin, I flow different, u listenin? To 2 new dudes, who do rule the discipline, Ft Ohh, u too cool?, to roll, and get wit me, I don?t care dog, I won?t fail, (8) Valezka I?m gon rhyme like, fresh, Sign like, yes, I?m on the grind like, clipse, I?m on ya mind like, sex, (sex, sex, sex) (12) Everyday, I don?t giva fuck, What cha u expect me to say?, MONSTABLOKAZ, we kill ur dogs, Give me one more year, I hit the billboard charts, Rollin, wit a reggie noble attitude, RAPTILE?s so cool, cool, cool? (16) U talkin? that bs, Dreamin? u beat us, Bitch, our sound will lay u down, Cause it seems like nobody, Hits da streets and ur partys, Alle Like RAPTILE, we make y?all bounce?

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