Lyrics to Da Man
Da Man Video:
Ye, ye, ye, ye, yea

We goin party like 2020
I got them bricks you know whatever get money
My overseas bitch love that african blow
I got the mansion and the cars of a half a blow
The feds watchin, cause I'm selling all my crime
There tryin to hit a nigga with that nelson mandela time
I look at time from the oyster
Them bitches love them aphrodisiaks the clams and them oysters
Now my nut sacks in her mouth just like them oysters
I cook up 16's and bag of the cordless
My coat scale you could weigh a fuckin walrus
My shooters are zombies, walking corpses
Niggas wanna crucify me put me on crosses
Cause my jeweller got me in them big shiny scrosses
And 50 got me in them shiny porsches
Weed man deliver boy we smoke to wee naucious
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