Lyrics to Cypher
Cypher Video:
I could never fill those shoes you left me
They're just too big
It's no secret
It's no game of cat and mouse we're playing
And you fill me up
As you break me down
My fears dissolve
As we lie alseep
I'll be fine now
On the outside it's clear that our time is up
Instant weakness turns to something greater i wish you well
Now you turn to me and you say that
It was me all the time
It was my fault
And you kick and you kick and you kick
To defend what you made me
We're peeling the shell off to expose the flesh
As we start to condone the reactions we made
And the first one to cry out
Will let the whole side down
I won't say a word
I guess it's just
This gravity kills me
I'm running on empty
And youwill be right here waiting
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