Lyrics to Cypher 6
Team shit, man
PoloBoyShawty on the track so why you killin' it? (plu-plu-plug)

Short like Kevin, got heart, won't surrender
Try to stay melo but I'm down here with the centers
I be with my team when you see me like Avengers
You never gave me shit, don't got a hand that I could lend ya
Pushin' packs in school, that's how I got what I own
Never stood on the block because the block was the phone
And getting me money, nigga, they know how I rock like a stone
Had to press a couple niggas, got me out of my zone
Get to talkin' out your body be the worst thing
Know some niggas, get 'em ghost like 13
Cock it back, pop it off like The First Wing
Leave his whip like the side of Jordan 13's
I been flexin' on them niggas, been the man since I could breathe
Young and fuckin' bitches, ain't care to hear 'bout birds and the bees
All I knew was money and bitches, birds in the trees
A lot on my mind ain't hard so the herb is a need
I got on MAG, got 'em jealous, I got banking had to teller
Give it to her like a celler, told that bitch, "It's now, or never"
Girl, I'm somethin' like a player, throw it back, hot potato
Just might date her, not gon' save her
In her just head like a braider
250 drum, that's spittin', that's a Hot 97
Bitch, I'm fly 'til I die, mmhmm, 9/11
Anyone can get it first, yep, just like a beverage
Horse around if you want, I pull your bitch like a carriage, skrrrt!

Yeah, Talley
Look, uh (plug)

Level up, I been growin' like Mario
Good for the heart with my audio like it's cardio
I got the juice because truth and that's what they call me for
I shine my light in the brightest, haters won't hardly glow
The eye of a tiger, eye of Elijah
You ain't seekin' the facts, well then you walkin' with blinders
We leave the mistakes behind us
Build on the reminders, keep pushin' strong like the lime
And the [?] to guide ya, yeah, love
I got a lot but I ain't lookin' for no hug
I'm a daddy, a savage, all the above
And I been broke but I ain't never been a scrub
I always lead and what I said, is what it was
But in a world full of followers, you a duck
Be careful crossin' my path or you may get plugged
The peace keeper so you know how I'ma come
Put hands together and pray I don't clap it up, uh
I know your type, caught in the hype
Claim you too tough to fight, you kill in the night
Never question in life, livin' for likes
Jump for hoops to be like Mike when your gift is a sight
But you can't see it, you too busy bee
Me I, fight my demons, tryna know my reason
In the booth cook like a chef, no kettle or steam
Ain't no, recipe and, nigga, it's my season, gang!

Rap God, my shit superb, it's been confirmed
This ain't the Bible, can't twist my words, might pinch a nerve
Like blood gangs, they can't see, they're vision's blurred
Yeah, every bar make 'em sit and think like prison terms
These niggas slow as they sippin' syrup, when will they learn?
Knew when I was low like a thermostat, I get my turn
This bad boy had faith like I was Christopher
Check my temperature, been a hot head since pimps and perms
Hit licks and slpurge, got clean on haters, was killin' germs
Ballin', playin' D on them whores, yeah, Pistons, Spurs
I went to cribs with mask on like it's The Purge
Had niggas scurd, come try and die or live and learn
Diss me if want, better hope I don't take it personal
Don't never think I'm too fuckin' busy to come and murder you
As soon as I get time on my hands just like a wrist watch
I put that on my soul, bitch, I'm slidin' just like a flip-flop
That's how this shit goes, I kick doors, don't pick locks
Smith & Wesson on me, will change a nigga, no pit stop
Outlaws headed to yo' crib like a house call
Look out the window, we right in front, Southpaw
Russian pistol whip you, yo' kids, and yo' bitch, watch it
Big mopstick, one in the chamber, been cocked it
Shootin' like I'm Harden on ya'll with this big rocket
Sneaky with the steal off a nigga, no pickpocket, ahhhh!

Mob shit, mothafucka
Look (plug)

Not a freshman but, man, they say I'm fresh ass hell, though
'Bout to drop on 'em like The Rock, People's Elbow
Why the critics worryin' 'bout my first week sales?
I'll be playin' with the scale, tryna dodge the jail cell, though
And you know the straps stay on me like it's velcro
Leave a lame nigga with no brains like the Scarecrow
No clowns in the sights for everybody spittin' fire
But we do it so big, they think it's XXL, though
Nigga, hell no, before sell my soul, I'll be dead, bro
Runnin' in yo' crib, nigga, kickin' in yo' deadbolt
Shells crack his head, leave leakin', now they egg yolk
MOB be the team, lil nigga and I'm the head coach
So don't be tryna go to war if yo' bread low
If you a rider, tell me what you need yo' mans for?
And if you ready die then what you scared for?
Don't be surprised, I pop up where you lay yo' head, ho
Like you in sleepin', bitch, I'm a demon
Since I start livin' out my dreams, I ain't been dreamin'
Crabs in the bucket pulled me back, this where they wanna leave me
But I rise from the ashes like a fuckin' Phoenix (plug)
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