Cybernet Cybercast Lyrics

Ben Folds Five

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Lyrics to Cybernet Cybercast
If I'm not mistaken, this is being, ah,
what they call "cybercasted",
so, ah, people all over the world, with their computers,
they can, ah, hear and see this.
So you might,
might say "hello" to, ah,
people out there in computer world there.

It is tonight, right?
It's um, it's, it's, it's Rolling Stone Online and Jam TV.
[And it's very unfairly live.]
Yes, and it's uh, it's,
they say it's the first one,
so you're here for the first one, yeah.

So, in honor of the new show,
we wrote a new song about it
and here it goes.
[About what?]
About the cybercast
[Oh yeah.]
and Rolling Stone.

cybernet and Rolling Stone, uh
[You could go back to the tonic.] Uh, yep.
broadcasting this shit live on your computer now
[And in your home.]
Jam TV is gonna be there, too
you're gonna watch this shit,
it's gonna look like a Godzilla film,
'cause it's jerky as hell,
but that's okay...

Chicago รข??
the windy city
it's not very windy today
last time I was here I went
to the Army Navy Surplus Store
and I bought me a little green hat
that I wear every day

Scott's mother lives here
Wesley Willis lives here
Liz Phair lives here
the Pope doesn't live here
the Pope doesn't live here
who cares...
if the Pope really lives here

but this isn't going nowhere
it just feels pretty to play
so I'll stop,
and we'll start the next song
before someone tells me to shut the fuck up

Chicago, Chicago
I love you

cybercasted around the whole-wide
fuckin' world
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