Lyrics to Cutest Little Dragon
Cutest Little Dragon Video:
when i believe that the skin will give peace to my inners,
only winners
are those "me me me" conspiracies

enemies of the spirit of the truth
and the sooth-
sayers talking down my gentle ? dragon slayer

that dragon ate the love sweet love

the rubbernecker ain't no lover,
he's a wrecker
of the family of ties,
now a word for his wives

if you see him checking out my little sister
tell that mister
that his thoughts are quite contrary
and her brothers is big and scary

the temper's hereditary
raised a fight unfairly
comin' to impair me
got good vocabulary

put down that half-baked thought
and get caught
by the purity of truth,
kick the darkhorse in the tooth

the morning after and the ladykiller's dead
self-promotion's in the red
happy hour kicked his stone

that love slapped the dragon
that love ate the dragon
that love cut the dragon
that love ate the dragon
that love broke the dragon
that love ate the dragon
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