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Lyrics to Cut To The Chase
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Hold her tight just like a doll, falling backwards down the stairs
Trains are howling inthe dark (saddest sound you'll ever hear)
Sell out to the side that lost, buying souls that can't be found
Worth exactly what they cost (lives collapse without a sound)

Blown away like paper bags before the rain
Shadow falls across her face
Light is sinking in her eyes like diamonds in a drain
Cut to the chase

Scraping for something to talk about. Words just fall down on the floor
Searching for something to fill in th cracks, changing the sign on the door:

Headlights catch her in the fog, carved in halogen and steel
Crawling hungry like a dog (spirit broken on the wheel)

Telephone is ringing in an empty booth
Thousand miles from this place
Voices ringing in her head (she hopes they tell the truth)
Cut to the chase
Songwriters: ASHLEY, TODD C.
Publisher: Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
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