Cut Out A Clearing For Three Lyrics


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Lyrics to Cut Out A Clearing For Three
Cut Out A Clearing For Three Video:
After three days that i was gone
I told myself I'd never come home.

I saw you were back in town
With your new boy;
A toy you wear like a crown,
A puzzle you try to enjoy.

I laid out on the cold street,
Tears streaked down my pale cheeks;
A baby crying in the rain
Unable to walk with knees that weak.

The diamond you polish
Is the one i make dry.
You keep him on a short leash,
Soon he'll have no need to comply.

I laid in the light
That was cast,
Counting my seconds
Thinking they were my last.

The street light flickers
As moths hit its glass
And burn up in the heat.
I wonder why i can't be like that.
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