Lyrics to Curtain Fall
Curtain Fall Video:
No more time, spared for waiting
No thoughtfulness to blame it on
I'm giving up on you
You're giving up on me
That's why our meeting doesn't come

I don't recognize my skin when it's callous
Or this emptiness that's replaced my heart
Don't need you anymore
You don't need me at all
So what are we living for

What is left, what is left
What is left when love is gone

Do I have to start to dream about a stranger
I'm sure he's not anywhere
It is not like me
To lose without to bleed
No I don't enjoy to feel free

This curtain fall
Is the last one you'll see

It suddenly is so quiet
No voices I hear that bewail
There is nothing more
To see or hope for
It is time for the final curtain fall
This curtain fall is the last one
After all
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