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three years and one million long nights later
i shift through ashes on stanton street
this radiance is going invisible
in a silent explosion and we both scream

and all these photographs on the bedroom floor
they sit like needles in my chest

i'm lying naked in the bathtub
it's filled with stale beer and nicotine and children's fears now

and if the walls could talk we both know
they would laugh and scream
and oh, my darling, the room is getting cold
and how i wish i could make this bed up

sleep, so desperately
on a bed of broken bottles and regret
we all awake so average
under laughing ceilings and outstanding debt

as this house dies i watch it come to life
as our lives become "remember whens"
and yes i do
there was something about growing up we coudn't get past
we're all just babies on the inside
learning how to lie better every year
calloused and numb, all drunken and dumb, so calloused and numb


there are streets i will always call home
there are faces i will never stop lovin'
there are times when lives will rust and fail under repetition
and there are always loopholes
i'm bowing out and blowing kisses

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