Lyrics to Curing Somatization
Curing Somatization Video:
I open my eyes to see this city collapse around me
I shut them again seeking return to the safety of sleep.

Falling rubble kills all vacancy.
Clinging to these crumbling constructs leads to nowhere.

I can hide no longer, and I can run no further.
I am surrounded by myriad beings all spewing virulent words about me.
They're relentless. They seek to suppress me and delete my power.

I could not sleep – restless stagnation forced me out of every dead end.
Hell follows me – all of these demons have worn down every last defense.

These beings come from me.
They are my thoughts, hidden in disguises.
I've only been running from myself

I am here to keep myself safe from all of the people out there who will hurt me.
I am here to keep everyone safe from what is inside me.
I built this city to hide.

What if all of the words that trap me here are written on this city's foundation?

I wander through the rubble, searching for some sort of entrance
Below the tallest building, the deepest basement is hiding
I open the door, terrified to see things I've locked away and have forgotten.
What makes me a threat to myself and to all those around me?

In trying to create something, I destroy what's beautiful.
I try to save and I kill instead.
In trying to prevent sickness, I would make it manifest.
I have poisoned my own children over and over again.

I strive for love but I'm in hate's grasp
Fear is my one form of wealth
Repeating thoughts I have magnified
Why do I torture myself?

Erosion of confusion
I forgive you for all that you have done.
Corrosion of illusion
I forgive myself for choosing hell.

This city can't control all that I see.
This city has no power over me.
It's taken on a life of its own.
And I can let it go.

Welcome home!
This is your home now.
Step outside –
You're not alone.
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