Lyrics to Cuidado
Cuidado Video:
In the taped off castle is the king of the battles
Cuidado was the man who bared the fame
All he has to do is call out and his population follows
Cause they toil and they sweat
In the soil with regret
The tyrant's greed the only reason for their pain

All he did was sign decrees to fill is ever flowing needs
But one morning after work
He sank into the dirt
He held with eyes full of fear
Another world appeared to be the brain

Cuidado thought he followed
Only rules he made by himself
But in the hollow he found out
That a marionette can't help
Being a slave to the wealth

In the hallow under the earth
Was a machine that churned
Fueled by the Monsters without heads
So he climbed up to ground
Took a good look around
He said people listen up
I've been wrong about enough
So they all went down, Cuidado lead

The machine, it was magnificent
The headless monsters did resist
But monsters it seems
They don't have the means
So the people overtook
The machine was trampled under
But the people arose
With Cuidado at their toes
And in peaceful jubilation
The entire population
Went right to bed
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