Cuatrocientos Cinco Años De Nunca Lyrics

Pablo Milanes

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Lyrics to Cuatrocientos Cinco Años De Nunca
Cuatrocientos Cinco Años De Nunca Video:
Remember these words I?ll never let you downYou are my friend and you can talk to meSo why am I, so why am IStill standing all aloneThat?s not the way it?ss upposed to beThorn in my sideTalk about me, kiss my assThorn in my sideI felt it jabbing the first time that you liedDeep insideYou gave me silence I tried to talk to youI got denied and tried to think it throughYou had no reason, I saw no warning signYou think i?ll stick around, you must be on glueSo now I?m thinking, you?ll turn your back on meThe second you find a better place to beIt?s in our nature to hurt each otherI?ll never find my place in this world of greed

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