Lyrics to Crystal Clear
Crystal Clear Video:
Can I make this crystal clear
There's still a world without you here

I'm giving you the gift of a second chance
So use it for the first time wisely dance
Your way out of the war of words that's raging
All around the globe in conversation
I'm giving the gift of the double bluff
Forever laying lowly high enough
I'm tired of treading cautiously
I'll walk the path prepared for me

I'll be giving the gift of great confusion
So make of it what you will it's yours to use
Come show me where my footsteps ought to tread
And fill me with the wise words that you said
I'll be giving the gift of the double bluff
So do whatever you want to do 'til you've done enough
The words you worship died upon
The pages that you wrote them on
Songwriters: Casasco, Juan Ignacio / Tocco, Rodrigo Agustin Crespo
Publisher: Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing
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