Lyrics to Cryoglyphics
Cryoglyphics Video:
Under sun, desert plains tamed and toiled by man.
They build mountains carved from stone by hand.
Can't stop the rise of stone.
From the stars, a race of gods form a new machine.
That draws souls from planets while they freeze.
To the earth, a Trojan gift placed in pharaoh's hands.
Inscribed with glyphs that stir upon command.
Can't stop the prophecy.
Among ourselves, we've advanced and descended through age.
And torn away the very fabrics life sustains.
Now revealed, a cryo-weapon of unyielding craft.
Its shivered birth unlocks the end of man.

Can't stop the fading sun. We can't stop the fading sun.
Behold the power the gods redeem. Awake the cogs from ancient dreams.
They turn the sand from gold to blue. A new reign with sun removed.
At their feet the whores unwind, and run chilled from ice-filled skies.
It suffered, but now sleeps. Taking those that once breathed.
…Preserve the earth and start anew.
Cryoglyphs controlling. The ice clouds falling.
…Preserve the earth and start anew.
It suffered, but now sleeps. Discarding those it doesn't need.
…Preserve the earth and start anew.
Rigid and strong. It's molten core now gone.
…Preserve the earth and start anew.
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