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Lyrics to Crying Hope
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Welcome to a place you never wish to enter
Corrupt Regimen, pretending friends
A world of distress, a world of loneliness
You're getting insane, you're getting insane

Egoism makes you blind (Don't you see the pain surrounding you?)
Egoism makes you strong (but you're so alone)
Far away someone cries (you know the voice)
Caused by ignorance

The shadow of the crow is following you
Whispering lies to yout mind
Distinguishing fictitious from reality
Who knows what is wrong or right

If you come back to the real world, you know something's wrong
Take a step into the real world, behold all the pain
Take a look into the mirror find out who you are
See all your mistakes, see what you've done

Nothing holds me back from my plans
I want to break through the walls
Out of control, out of range, out of rules
Unbound new forces in me, no longer pretending
The story's not ending, will start all again
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